Feeder Insects

Providing food that’s packed with nutrition is vital for the well-being of your reptiles – but don’t worry, The Bug Barn has you covered!

Our feeder insects are both nutritious and enticing to your scaly friends. From dubia roaches to fruit flies, we breed only the finest feeders using state-of-the art husbandry techniques to ensure your reptiles get all the good stuff they need to stay healthy, strong, and active.

Trust us to deliver the highest-quality feeders for your animal friends!

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Bioactive Insects

Dirt-dwelling invertebrates are not only super cool – they also play a crucial role in bioactive enclosures.

Our hardworking helpers create a balanced, healthy, and sustainable ecosystem for your reptiles. These miniature yet essential organisms aid in clean up, maintenance, soil aeration, and waste management.

Explore our range of bioactive insects, including isopods, springtails, millipedes, earthworms, and roaches!

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Soil & Substrates

Crafted with precision, our exceptional range of bioactive soils and substrates create a perfect foundation for sustainable enclosures.

Our unique substrates ensure that your new enclosure gets the right start. Explore our selection and transform your reptiles’ home into a lush paradise where they'll thrive.

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Beautify your reptiles’ habitats while also creating a comfortable home for your pals with our wide assortment of stunning plants.

From vibrant, leafy philodendrons to enchanting succulents, our plants provide natural shelter, humidity, oxygen, soil aeration, and natural reptile jungle gyms.

Discover our collection and create a gorgeous and harmonious environment for your reptiles!

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Enclosures & Supplies

Your reptiles need sun. Your reptiles need moisture. And you need an enclosure that’s lightyears beyond the traditional terrarium.

No need to look on 9 different websites – we got you! The Bug Barn has the perfect enclosures, lighting setups, and misting systems for every reptile.

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Welcome to
The Bug Barn

At The Bug Barn, our #1 goal is to provide you with all the materials, knowledge, and support you need to create a thriving ecosystem for your reptiles. Whether you're a long-time reptile keeper or a beginner, The Bug Barn is here to meet your every need.

We take pride in breeding the highest quality feeder insects and bioactive insects on the market. We offer handcrafted bioactive soils and substrates, a gorgeous selection of plants perfect for bioactive enclosures, and all the supplies – everything from lighting, misting systems, and leaf litter to our PVC enclosures.

With our comprehensive selection and unwavering commitment to quality, The Bug Barn is the only source you need to create the perfect reptile habitat.

Experience the wonders of a bioactive world with The Bug Barn. Shop now and let us help you provide the best possible environment for your reptile companions.

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The Bug Barn offers the highest quality feeders on the market!

Dubia roaches +
Hydei/Melanogaster fruit flies +
Hornworms +
Superworms +

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which insects are best for my pet’s diet?

  • It's ideal to feed your reptile a wide variety of insects.
  • Any reptiles that eat crickets will love roaches, hornworms, and superworms.
  • Hydei and melanogaster fruit flies are great for dart frogs, small geckos (such as morning geckos), mantids, and any small reptiles, including babies of all species.

What is a bioactive enclosure, and why is it important for my pet reptile?

  • A bioactive enclosure serves as a home that is uniquely suited to your reptiles. Our enclosures simulate reptiles’ natural environments and help them to thrive. A bunch of really cool critters live alongside your animals, and each serves an important purpose. All of them work together to create a balanced, self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • Our bioactive enclosures keep your reptiles’ home clean and free of pathogens to ensure a happier, healthier life for your animals. As you know, some reptile species' health is, well, delicate. They can go from being healthy one day to very sick the next. For that reason, it’s important to prevent illness in the first place by making sure pathogens never take hold in the enclosure.
  • The Bug Barn’s bioactive enclosures also better simulate a natural environment to make reptiles more comfortable. The plants give them places to hide; these hiding places help decrease their stress levels, which in turn benefits their health.
  • The ecosystems created in our enclosures are self-sustaining.
    • Our nutrient rich, unique blend of soil feeds the plants, and the plants help feed the organisms in the soil.
    • All the beneficial microorganisms and insects (isopods, springtails, millipedes, earthworms, roaches, etc.) living in the soil break down any waste or organic material that ends up in the soil.
    • The insects and microorganisms function as a team of cleaners, processing the waste and any organic material (for example, dead bugs or fallen plant leaves), helping it decompose and adding nutrients to the soil.
  • Another benefit of the dirt-dwelling insects is the soil aeration that they provide, which is essential to healthy soil. Beneficial bacteria, fungi, other microorganisms, and invertebrates that live in the soil and dig tiny tunnels, keeping the soil well-oxygenated while helping with proper drainage. This keeps the soil healthy for both plants and animals.
  • The plants in our bioactive enclosures produce oxygen for the reptiles, nutrients for the beneficial microbes, and help maintain proper humidity levels. Working together, the plants, soil, microbes, and insects, along with proper lighting and misting systems, create an ideal living ecosystem for your animals.

What types of insects do you recommend for keeping my soil clean and my enclosure healthy?

  • The Bug Barn offers a complete cleaning team of insects: millipedes, isopods, springtails, earthworms, and a variety of banana roaches and gyna species of roaches.
  • We recommend introducing a good balance of all multiple insects; a diverse population of insects ensures the health of your enclosure's ecosystem!
  • Each species helps in breaking down organic matter and digs through the soil to help with aeration at all different depths of the soil. Centurion roaches, for example, dig very deep in the soil.
  • Many species will breed to create natural populations – and act as another source of nutrition for your reptiles, as reptiles will eat many of these insects as well.

Can you recommend any specific bioactive substrate/soil mixes for my pet's enclosure?

  • We carry our own tropical soil mix, blended here at the barn with our nutrient-rich dubia frass as a key ingredient. This mix is perfect for reptiles and amphibians that come from a tropical environment.
  • Coming soon – we’re currently developing a variety of soil mixes to meet all your needs!